Make sure you have the scheduled time properly set aside. 

Prices and time constraints are subject to change at anytime based on our costs and personnel availability.

It will also be most beneficial in maximizing your time, if you will tell us in the body of the email, what question or problems you are experiencing. If you will provide us your concern(s), the team can be better prepared to provide thoughtful and efficient answers prior to the coaching session.

 Divorce Protector must be clear in a disclaimer that we are not attorneys. We cannot and will not provide any legal counseling what so ever. Legal counseling and legal services are the job and function of your attorney(s). Our services provide tactics and strategies the goal of which is to get you to the other side of the divorce process with as much of your personal wealth as possible. As experienced plaintiffs or defendants our motivations for you are quite different than those of your attorney. We are only concerned with your present well being and future ability to perpetuate your life.

Divorce Protector ™ does offer coaching services for those individuals who need more personalized services. 

Coaching is only available to buyers who have purchased the Divorce Protector  or 24 to 72 Hours Books.

 You will need your client number in hand when booking our services. You will need to book a time with our old friend Thaddeus  by sending an email to Other required information is a phone number with a desired time for us to call you to schedule the session, we will collect your schedule information at that time. 

Payments are in advance at the following rate per 30 minutes of $80 USD with a maximum of 60 minutes per client session. To be clear that is $80 for 1 minute to 30 minutes or $160 for 30 minutes to 60 minutes and is non-refundable unless a conflict develops on our end.  Remember you are not the only one that wants to be on the schedule.

Once again, Divorce Protector  must be clear in a disclaimer that we are not attorneys. We cannot and will not provide any legal counseling what so ever. 

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